Dhouha Haddad: Why save the World

In this episode, Dhouha talks about Confidence, Clarity & Purpose among other subjects.
Listen to her Story via https://linktr.ee/myvillage3xperience
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Dhouha Haddad is a coach working with leaders to develop strong mental habits and master their emotions. She is formerly a social worker and crisis counselor and is also a mom of 2 girls and a proud wife. Dhouha’s vision is to impact the next generation by empowering ourselves to alter our DNA through the power of our minds and emotions for positive change. Dhouha seeks to empower those who are leading world impact so that they may continue to create a better tomorrow with clarity, empathy and strategy.

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00:00:45 Essentials: Love, Faith & Vision
00:01:57 Tunisia – Montreal – New Jersey – Ottawa
00:03:23 Creativity
00:04:14 Social Work & Coaching
00:09:50 Confidence
00:11:58 Crystalize, Energize & Strategize
00:16:43 Self-awareness Raw Honesty
00:19:42 Personal Relationships
00:22:58 Identity
00:28:41 Spirituality
00:33:25 My Mission
00:37:02 Comfort Zone

Chelby Daigle: Black Muslim with Mental Illness in Canada

In this episode, Chelby Daigle, Muslim Link’s Editor in Chief and Coordinator, talks about Mental Health, Community, and Resilience among other subjects.
Listen to her Story via https://youtu.be/IjFTRxVD3jc or https://linktr.ee/myvillage3xperience
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00:01:04 Essentials: ENTP (Extraverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Perceptive) + Resilient + Resourceful
00:05:17 Background: French-Canadian – Trip to Nigeria
00:18:28 I wanted to become… Hopefulness: immigrants, racialized group, possibilities, upbringing, poverty, white nationalism, plan, immigration, family,
00:22:40 Muslim Link – Community – Being Muslim – Black Community, Event Listings, Integration, Demographics, Critical Hope
00:37:45 Mental Illness – Suicide Attempts – Dysthymia (Persistent depressive disorder) – Circumstances – Socially Isolated/Burden for the society – Depression – Bullying
00:41:02 Social Isolation – Community – Safety Net
00:45:49 Finding Balance – Fighting Abuses –
00:50:52 Thankfulness – Perspectives – Storytelling
00:55:01 Islamophobia and Supremacist Narrative – Unlearn
01:00:30 Finding Islam – Refugees – Intentions – Forgiveness – Critical Eyes
01:07:34 Black Racism
01:12:45 Unlearning Biases