Chelby Daigle: Black Muslim with Mental Illness in Canada

In this episode, Chelby Daigle, Muslim Link’s Editor in Chief and Coordinator, talks about Mental Health, Community, and Resilience among other subjects.
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00:01:04 Essentials: ENTP (Extraverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Perceptive) + Resilient + Resourceful
00:05:17 Background: French-Canadian – Trip to Nigeria
00:18:28 I wanted to become… Hopefulness: immigrants, racialized group, possibilities, upbringing, poverty, white nationalism, plan, immigration, family,
00:22:40 Muslim Link – Community – Being Muslim – Black Community, Event Listings, Integration, Demographics, Critical Hope
00:37:45 Mental Illness – Suicide Attempts – Dysthymia (Persistent depressive disorder) – Circumstances – Socially Isolated/Burden for the society – Depression – Bullying
00:41:02 Social Isolation – Community – Safety Net
00:45:49 Finding Balance – Fighting Abuses –
00:50:52 Thankfulness – Perspectives – Storytelling
00:55:01 Islamophobia and Supremacist Narrative – Unlearn
01:00:30 Finding Islam – Refugees – Intentions – Forgiveness – Critical Eyes
01:07:34 Black Racism
01:12:45 Unlearning Biases

Celia Brazeau: #HappyOttawa

In this episode Celia talks about #HappyOttawa, Happiness, and Balance among other subjects.

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Blog Post:

00:00:40 Essentials
00:01:56 Ottawa, Timmins & Community
00:03:13 Teaching, Sharing
00:06:18 Happy Ottawa
00:10:22 On Happiness
00:16:22 Finding Balance
00:21:00 Saying NO
00:22:54 On Reading/Meditation/
00:27:53 Mental Health Stigma
00:42:22 100/365 days of happiness

Sheikh Niang: Spirituality Changed My Life

In this episode, Sheikh Niang (IT Consultant) talks about Spirituality, Mindfulness, Growth, Community, and Mental Health


“I find balance in spirituality and family (a whole support system)”
“Bettering yourself and living as a community”
“Work as if you’ll live forever, and pray as if today was your last day”
“Sufism is about Knowledge (of God and of yourself) and Mindfulness (being present)”
“Seniors are the most important part of the society, and we need their experience of life”
“In a time I could be or do anything, bad influence and all, having a spiritual guide, being a murid, changed my view of life, embrace myself, and my roots”

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